FULL Integration with Sales Navigator + Email Finder + Email Verifier on Google Sheets is finally here!
March 5th, 2019 3 min read
Attention Sales Operations, Sales, Data and Marketing Teams: today is a new day in Open-Source Data. 

Historically, it has been a nightmare to get usable prospect data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is one of the most effective tools to generate lists of qualified leads based on many advanced filters. However, once you have a lead list identified, you are stuck to using a handful of InMails or a Spray n Pray connection strategy to engage with them.

That, or you are forced to explore the dark arts of LinkedIn profile scraping. We all have either actively or passively found ourselves on one of these seemingly magical tools’ websites. These tools promising to easily give you access to LinkedIn’s most prized possession:
  •  Their members’ contact information
This process when done right, can give you very valuable contact lists for your sales & marketing efforts. However, you are faced with many challenges such as:
1. Time, how long are you or your team dedicating to scrapping LinkedIn each week? 
STEP 1 - you’ll need to organize your Sales Navigator search results because each result only shows you the first 40 pages (25 profiles per page). This means if your search result has more than 1,000 profiles, you need to get creative and segment it out to have individual searches with 1,000 profiles or less. 

STEP 2 - you’ll need to scrape these search results in order to gather names and company names. 

STEP 3 - you’ll need to figure out the domains for these companies (unless you decide to skip this step and directly use names and company names to try and find a valid email address, this decreases % valid email find greatly). 

STEP 4 - you’ll need to use the name and domain data to upload into an email finder.

STEP 5 - unless you’re happy with 20% bullet-proof valid email return, you’ll want to repeat step 4 in a handful of other email finders to get a larger batch of usable email addresses.

STEP 6 - unless you don’t care about your sender score and email deliverability you’ll want to enter this list of email addresses into a email verifier.

STEP 7 - you’ll finally have a list of safe, usable data which you can put into your CRM, Sales Automation OR Marketing Automation tools.

This process can take hours if not days to perform, the larger your Sales Navigator search ---> the longer the process.
2.  Managing various subscription costs 

In the process outlined you will need a subscription to multiple:
  • LinkedIn Scrapers / Domain Finders / Email Finders / Email Verifiers 
3.  Having to constantly update and maintain your stack 

With many of these tools directly infringing on the LinkedIn interface, you may need to cycle through various tools every 3 months, as LinkedIn will habitually shut down these tools which live on their interface. 

This is now a thing of the past…
With LeadBloom, you can now directly integrate your Sales Navigator license into your company’s Google Sheets, creating a real-time database which:
  •  Pulls data from any Sales Navigator license
  •  Revisualizes profile results from your Searches directly into your Google Sheet
  •  Enriches the company name with a Domain URL
  •  Enriches contacts with valid business email addresses (ONLY) using Name and Domain URL
  •  Validates all of the enrichment data to ensure for 100% safety and GDPR compliance
  •  Automates workflows directly into your crm, sales or marketing tools
With one click, you can go from Sales Navigator URL straight to enriched contacts living in your Google Sheet Database… save time and money! 

Try now for FREE and receive 200 customized leads.
Nelson Rony is the Co-Founder for LeadBloom, who partners with Universities and Colleges’ Alumni organizations to gather and update Alumni Information so they may plug them directly into their CRM & Outreach systems.
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