Is Advanced Lead Search Your Most Used Sales Nav Feature?
March 13th, 2019 3 min read
We all use apps in different ways. Usually, we end up using the app in the way that benefits us the most. In the 1000’s of conversations I’ve had with people regarding one of the premier Sales tools on the market: Sales Navigator, I would say the most utilized feature is: 
  •  Advanced Lead Search
It makes sense, most (sales) people see LinkedIn as a data source of information and this feature is the easiest entry into the database. It literally gives you dozens of filters you can use to query the world’s largest professional network. In a matter of seconds, you can have a list of decision makers based on:
  •  Job Title
  •  Industry
  •  Location
  •  Department
Better yet, this is the only self-updating database. This means that outside of the occasional buffer period that exists for some professionals who do not update their LinkedIn profile, the majority of profiles are always up to date! Compare that to a majority of other data sources.

So, since prospect data always plays a role when drafting up a sales strategy, it is no surprise that LinkedIn’s self updating data is always present in some shape or form.

But here is the issue, for all the benefits of what I described above, LinkedIn data does leave out a pretty crucial aspect of what I describe as “Prospect Data”: contact information.

In addition, data on it’s own will rarely solve operational objectives of sales and marketing. The data needs to be flexible, easy to use in various platforms. The data empowers rather than solves.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator locks up it’s data, making it very difficult to use into your sales and marketing strategies. This has given rise to entire markets of “3rd party scrapers” which I write a full post on here. 

The question sales & marketing leaders face who are creating or executing on their strategies is how to get the best prospect data out there. Best not only means accurate but usable.

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Nelson Rony is the Co-Founder for LeadBloom, who partners with B2B organizations to gather and update sales data so they may plug them directly into their CRM & Outreach systems.
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